Here’s What Coming Up

Sorry it’s been a while, but there’s a LOT going on! It’s always a good time for a wedding.

First, I have a wedding client who’s event is this weekend. We are in crunch time for that, being that the rehearsal is on Friday and the wedding is on Saturday. It’s going to be wonderful! The venue is a vintage neighborhood museum tucked away in Monticito Heights. Built in the late 1900s, the homes are BEAUTIFUL and the grounds are perfect.

2016-11-04 15.20.18-1.jpg

Then There’s the Parties

The closest party coming up is a 7yo’s backyard birthday party. Theme: My Little Pony Rodeo. 🙂 I’m excited! We were able to do lots of stuff with little budget – and that is always the goal! AND I think its a success when I get to pull out the ol’ spray paint! 🙂

Next comes a 3yo’s birthday party. Theme: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. You would think this was super easy… finding things isn’t hard, it’s the budget. Disney licensed products are famous for being expensive. And the knock-offs are very obviously knock-offs. We are getting creative with what to splurge on and what to be creative with. I expect to have the brief done by Monday (since for 3 days I will be indisposed).

Thirdly, a Christmas party that I am pretty excited over. The couple throws one every year. This year, they decided to hire me so they can relax. These parties have a reputation of being awesome so I can’t wait to stretch my Event Designing legs here.

Can’t Forget about Perfecting My Craft

In between all of that, I have 3 other certifications I am working towards and an arm’s-length list of new crafts I will be listing once I get them completed. **hint hint: I got new faux roses for facinators!**

*This post was originally published 11/02/16*

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