It was a MONSTER of a weekend

It was an amazing weekend. We had a 3 year old’s birthday party – Monster Truck Party – and it was brilliant! Guests were about 40 in total, 2/3 of them were children under age of 7. Have you ever herded cats? It was a lot like that… and it was wonderful!

The party was held at a local park. The budget was a little flexible but conserving cost was – and always is – a priority. We did a lot of DIY, hit a lot of wholesalers, and a lot of hard work from the family of the little guy. The love poured through to the end result. The biggest time sucker was the pin game we created. It was a 4’x3′ ‘pin the license plate on the monster truck.’ I hand-painted the picture and sealed it so we could ‘pin’ license plates onto the truck. However, these are little – I mean LITTLE – kids so pins are out. We printed license plates onto cardstock with the kids’ names. Then even those who don’t win, get to have a little prize with their name on it. We laminated it to make it durable. The kids went NUTS over it! But, that was the only game we played. It was a 4-hour party at a park with a killer playground. Everyone under 7 was more interested in the twirly slide than pushing inflatable tires around cones in 95 degree weather.

 Not to mention the BRILLIANT pinata that was in the shape of a monster truck where the over-sized tires are the ones filled with candy – like it was 4 pinatas in one! Took about 30 minutes to get it to drop but it was worth it. EVERY kid had a filled bag with candy. It was great seeing the little faces come back from the pinata, stuffed with chocolate, and over flowing candy bags. The cake was a 3-layer chocolate on chocolate cake that had crushed Oreos inside to make it look like dirt. 😀 I added more pictures to the gallery but I’ll put some in here. 😉

I was very happy with how it turned out. Between the games, the food, the face painters, the playground, and the happy kids, we packed it full and kept everyone moving. It was brilliant!

Anyway, so there is my first post! I hope you enjoyed it!

*This post was originally published 10/10/16*

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