DIY Bride #11: 2018 Trends

It takes me 9 – 12 months to fully plan a wedding for about 150 people. Front to back, about a year. That’s one of the reasons the fact that I love reading comes in handy: following trends. Though it’s not a vital thing for everyone to know- someone with a vintage eye isn’t going to be impressed by current trends etc – but as your planner (or if you’re the DIY Bride) – you want to know this information. Not only does it provide inspiration for your nuptials, it’s going to also tell you were to save money, and how hard it’s going to be to find what you want. Let’s break it down.
You may have noticed that the go to word for wedding themes in 2017 was RUSTIC.


Everything was very natural and green. It gave people the feeling of country family or coziness – the warmth of family and love which is a perfect setting for a wedding. It’s easy to understand why it’s such a popular theme!
In 2018, there is a flip. Couples are getting more engaged (forgive the pun) online, so they are wanting an Instagram-worthy celebration. It’s becoming a more technological event. They want to ‘Social Media’ the event; they want to be very NOW.


What’s coming is a rise in the use of metallic offset with bold ‘sunset’ colors: Burnt Orange, Bolder Pinks, Firey Yellows, and even purples. Metallics like Rose Gold. Bronze, and Pewter are all popping up from here to there in the industry.
There is also a new accent greenery in 2018: The Succulent.
2017 had big-leafed accents, lots of green, full arrangements. 2018 is making a more streamlined impression with succulents taking over the greenery. What you’re getting is a more simple appeal, with powerful punch of bold color accents.
Something that’s coming is a step from the 2017 streamlined ball gown. The trend for 2018 is a ‘mix match’ for the dress.
Shorter hems, structured bodice with a flowy, soft skirt. Imagine a highly intricate bodice with a delicate neckline and soft fabrics for the skirt that gives lots of movement. We are seeing contrast in the main pieces of the gown, being softened by graceful details.
Up to this point, cakes have been following a type of template. You have a tiered cake (whether together or separate tiers), and it had a cake topper with décor added.
Though 2017 started really incorporating individualism into the cake (Haven’t we all seen the half traditional, half Doctor Who cake?),
It still was clearly following the template.
What’s coming is a morph from the traditional; a complete overhaul of the template. I’ll go out on a limb as say that the template is going to be changed forever!

The style of the wedding cake is no longer going to be ‘wedding cake’ but a complete expression of the couple’s uniqueness.

Before, we had seen fancy cupcakes taking the place of the wedding cake, but that was the biggest variation.
Couples are moving towards not just cake variations, but alternative desserts: Cake pops, mini cheesecake, donuts, parfait, and the newest trendsetter: the sundae bar. There’s a move from the traditional wedding cake to desserts that are as distinctive as the couple is themselves.
It means: still do what you want to do. What’s the point of having a wedding if it doesn’t express who you are? Understand though, if you’re looking to follow the trends, you’re going to pay for those things. Rustic is going to go on sale, and metallic spray paint is going to be sold out at every Home Depot and Lowes.

*This post was originally published 08/26/17*

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