Look Who’s on Yelp!

I was SO excited when I got my little Swingin’ Dolly on Yelp! I was excited and thrilled and all the emotions that come with – what I consider – a real piece of business exposure. 🙂
I love what I do. I am SO excited to share that with other people! However, getting previous clients to give me a little review is tougher than it seems. I wish there was a way to import my FB reviews onto Yelp…
Anyway, Here is the first real response I got on Yelp and I am so happy to share it. I try to review the vendors that I work with because I think if people do a good job, I should let other people know. This is my review of a vendor for a recent wedding I did. The vendor saw my review and responded to my delight:
But alas, I haven’t received my first official review yet. I know it’s only been like a month since I got onto yelp, but I’m impatient! LOL
Thank you all for joining us today!


*This post was originally published 10/20/17*

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