Q&A: The Wedding Planner Subscription

Let’s be honest: When you start planning your wedding, everyone thinks about hiring a planner; someone who knows what’s what, has the connections, and can resolve problems in a blink of an eye. And you think, “How much can it possibly cost?” Then you find out exactly how much it can cost, so you decide to go it alone.


Swingin’ Dolly doesn’t want anyone to go it alone. 

We have come up with an option for couples who really need want a planner, but just can’t find the space in the budget for an additional $3,000.

Enter: The Wedding Planner Subscription. Let’s talk about it.

Q: What is a ‘Wedding Planner Subscription?’

A: It’s a way to cut the cost of having an actual wedding planner but still getting the wedding planner services. Weddings can take 100+ hours to plan, start to finish, resulting in costs of upwards of $3,000 for those services. Usually, those costs have to be paid either all at once in the beginning, or half now/ half later. That can put a serious strain on your wedding budget and your nerves!

Q: How does the Subscription cut costs?

A: The Subscription gives you a guaranteed 10 hours a month. That would normally cost $300, however, with the Subscription, the cost per hour is cut in half! Also, if additional hours are needed, they are available to you. As a bonus, you automatically get $100 off our Bewitched ‘Day of’ Package to make sure your special day is perfect (if you’re located in Southern California).

Q: Is the Subscription an automated system?

A: No. When you sign up for your Subscription, you have a real-life wedding planner to help you from the get-go. This is the same person you will be working with the entire time – no shifting from planner to planner, no relaying messages through the assistant. It’s you and your planner, from start to finish.

Q: What is the time frame for the Subscription?

A: The client decides the time frame. You can have the Subscription from the beginning, you can start half way through the planning process, you can sign up for the last few months before your big day; the time frame is completely flexible and something you would work with your planner about.

Q: What services are provided with the Subscription?

A: It’s the same as if you hired a full wedding planner. We still complete all the tasks that a full wedding planner does, with projects and tasks you dictate. If you need someone to set up the florist, meet with the caterer, find a venue, secure insurances, and vet DJs, we do that. We keep you on track, we catch what may slip past you, and we are there to make sure everything is perfect. With the Subscription, it’s the collaboration between client and planner, that guarantees success. 

Q: What areas do you cover?

A: We are based in Southern California, however, the Subscription can be beneficial for anyone in any state.We can connect you with planners for your day of services that are local to you, and we will be able to work with you via: phone calls, texting, email, FaceTime or Skype, and snail mail.

Q: How do couples sign up for the Subscription?

A: It’s easy! Contact us and a wedding planner with walk you through the process. We accept Visa, Mastercard, AmEx, and PayPal. You can also drop us a line on Facebook or Twitter if you want to go that route.

Swingin’ Dolly Events’ ‘soul’ purpose is to make every couple’s special day not just wonderful, but perfect. Contact us today! 

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