Five of the Best Wedding Hacks

Things are getting moving now, boy! You have reserved all your vendors, you have set your venue, and you have even got the guest seating chart done and done. Let’s talk about one of my  favorite things: The Wedding Hack.

Finding ways to make life a little easier for the day of (and a few days before). Here is a list of a few helpful hints to help your sanity.

  1. HIRE A ‘DAY OF’ PLANNER – There’s something wonderful about not worrying about all the shit that goes on during a wedding. Placeholder ImageIf you are the one getting married, you need to foccus on getting married! Though no one will tell you to your face, but no one wants to run the wedding for you when they were expecting to be a guest.
  2. TURTLE WAX – when you’re DIY’ing, there’s a lot of couples who will have their wedding at their home, a family member’s home, or a communal space that’s shared with others. Apply the Turtle Wax over faucets, surfaces, anything that you want super shine, and for fingerprints and water to just roll right off.
  3. FOLLOW UP ON RSVPswedding rsvp cardYou may think that people will RSVP because that’s the polite and responsible thing to do, however, it’s just not the case. As long as you gave enough time to receive the RSVPs to arrive, you have every right to track them down! It’s going to make life a whole lot easier if you get a hard number for the caterer than in you try to wing it.
  4. HAVE ALL LAST MINUTE PAYMENTS READY AND SET – I can understand how people would like to pay the final payments when they receive the goods or services that were secured. However, unless you want to stop the wedding every time a vendor wants to get paid, you’re going to get frustrated real quick.
    wedding budget
    Don’t forget about gratuity!

    Make the arrangement with the vendors that you will square them away at a specific time the day of your wedding. If you feel comfortable, pay them a day ahead of time… one less thing to do on your wedding day. I have had a lot of clients designate one person to hold all final payments, that’s very common. However, I have seen more trouble than it’s worth, just keep it in mind. PS: Don’t forget to have gratuity available for your exceptional vendors.

  5. HAVE CONTINGENCY PLANS – One of the benefits to having a planner (a full one or one just for the day), is having access to someone who has a plan for everything. Sprinklers go on during your garden wedding? No sweat. You have a bridesmaid with the extreme sunburn? No prob. The drunk cousin who just has to sing that weird song at your reception and no one has the heart to stop him? That’s our job. But if you’re going to try to go it alone, have a plan. consultantThen have a back-up plan. Then have a back-up to the back-up. Making sure to have these plans in place way before your special day will help you – and everyone involved – in making your wedding day perfect. Be sure that everyone who needs a copy of your plans, has one.

Weddings fall into the Murphey’s Law vortex: Whatever can go wrong, WILL. Don’t be caught without a plan, a hack, and a brilliant way to make everything go smoothly.

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