FAQ #7: Why Have a ‘Day of’ Planner Anyway?

I hear this one a lot, especially from people who have never planned a wedding, and I just need to address it:

“Why do I need a wedding planner for the day of my wedding anyways? The venue has one and if anything else comes up, my maid-of-honor can take care of it. I just saved me $1,000!”


‘What if’ #1: The Venue Consultant

A wedding planner isn’t just someone who plans, they are your advocate. Like nurses, wedding planners, consultants, designers and the like, are there to do no harm and to help you. Venue wedding consultants are wonderful. They do help A LOT and they are usually very good. However, push comes to shove, they are going to side with the venue. What if there’s a contestment on what the venue is supposed to provide? What if you understood a stipulation one way, but then it seems to change after the fact? What if they make a decision that contradicts the contract? What if, what if, what if?!?

The wedding planner that is separate from the venue is a valuable resourse to you. The types of conflicts you normally see from this arrangement is contractual, but the wedding planner you hire separate from the venue are unbiased– they only want what you want because you’re their client. They are your advocate so your day is YOUR way and not VENUE way (within reason).

‘What if’ #2: Having Your MOH Do It

You’re looking at the alter. Your handsome groom is gazing lovingly at you with his Louis Vuitton tux and you, in you custom made Dior, are slowly progressing down the aisle. Your bridal party all wait for you at the alter with tears in their eyes, and their Vera Wang dresses glistening in the evening sun. The flowers from the garden ceremony you are having, give off the most wonderful aroma. That is until the sprinklers turn on….

Sprinkler fail

Now your MOH has to split to deal with this insane issue right in the middle of your ceremony. Guests are soaked to the bone. The flower arrangements are dissolving, and every last child who attended is either in tears or jumping in mud puddles.

Having someone who is a guest at your wedding – let alone someone in your bridal party – aren’t in the position to handle chaos. The wedding planner is your screen from problems, issues, and overall headaches. We are there to make you look good, your wedding look good, and your reception look good. We fight the good fight. And we are always on the side of our client.

The reason these people that you chose to be in your bridal party and to be guests at your wedding, is so they can enjoy your happiness. Sharing love and joy with the people we love is a core part of weddings. Don’t let someone who is important enough to share your wedding with, be torn away from it by problems and issues. Let them be guests.

‘What if’ #3: It’s a Tight Budget

Planning and paying for your own wedding is fucking expensive. It’s not a joke. People spend tens of thousands of dollars for this one huge event in their lives. Whether or not spending that much money is worth it, doesn’t matter. What matters is that all the money you paid ($10,000 or $10) is an investment. You want that investment to pay off. Having a wedding planner there to make sure you get what you paid for.


‘Day of’ wedding planners can be expensive. There’s a lot to take into consideration like guest count and location. Here at Swingin’ Dolly, it’s usually about $500 to $600 respectfully. There are a lot of wedding planners that have to be there from the beginning and won’t do ‘day of’ planning at all. There’s a lot of planners, too, who put restrictions of what they do for that service. Sometimes you can get a deal with a planner if you take some of the things off their plate, like don’t have them set-up or clean-up, pay for their Uber to and from, etc. The biggest thing you want to do is be open & honest with your potential planner regarding what you think you need. They can often help you with the pricing.

Really, It’s So Worth It

I know on the surface, ditching the ‘day of’ wedding planner seems like an cheaper choice, therefore a better choice. Look past the dollar sign. I always tell my clients that if they had the best day, then I did my job. If I do what I’m supposed to do, my client won’t be aware of any issues and will have a stress-free day.

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