#FreebieFriday: Your Planning Checklist


To those of you who got engaged recently: Congratulations!

To those of you who decided to plan it yourself: Call your mental healthcare provider… you’re in for a rocky time.


Have no fear though! Freebie Friday is here and I’m in a giving mood! You’re going to need a little guidence to make sure you can get everything done that you want done for your wedding. I have posted a Wedding Planning Checklist to keep you on time and organized with what you have to do.



The checklist comes with instructions that let you know what to do. It’s a simple checklist that really covers all the main bases.

Now, you may think there are things you want to omit from that list… go right ahead! This is YOUR list. Make it your own. Make sure, though, to keep it in the front of your planning binder so you are on top of everything that needs to be done.

One more thing: Don’t be disheartened by the size of this list. It seems like a lot when you first look at it, but I promise, as you start checking things off of it, it’s going to get much smaller, very fast. Happy planning!

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