DIY Bride #20: Let’s Cut Cake Costs

The Wedding Cake. The centerpiece of the decor, the wedding cake is a staple in the traditional wedding. However, cakes can be INSANE in cost. That’s not just for weddings; for any event that you would get a cake! Have you seen the cost for cakes from a bakery? You guessed it: we’re chatting about cakes.

A little side note: There is nothing saying you must have a wedding cake at all. Seriously, it’s your wedding. If you don’t like cake but say, like donuts, then don’t get cake. Get fucking donuts. <– If you’re in Southern California and you want donuts, FYI: I know a guy and she’s brilliant!

Types of Cakes

Cakes can be as individual and unique as you are. Be advised though, the more unique, the more expensive. That’s a general rule of thumb. The other is: If the baker does it, it’s going to cost more. Here we go.

Tiered Cakes

This is your typical and traditional wedding cake where you have more than one layer (or tier). Elvis Presley had a HUGE tiered cake for his wedding. It’s a great option and there is a lot you can do with it (decor and flavor wise). Every baker knows how to make one. And there are LOTS of ways to make it all your own.

Not just in tiers, but you want to consider shape. A typical tiered cake is round. You can get square tiers, too. Why do I mention this? Because a square tiered cake feeds more. That’s important when it comes to paying for the cake.

Separate Layer Cakes

Instead of getting a tiered cake, you can have separate layer cake, which is where you have clearly separate cakes that are joined in theme or apparatus. There is usually an extra fee for something like this because you are essentially getting a bunch of cakes.

Alternate Cakes

You don’t have to get a full wedding cake, like I said earlier. A lot of clients will get a very ornate smaller cake just for them. This is the cake you will see on display. Then get a generic sheet cake (that is kept in the kitchen) to cut up and have the guests eat. Couples like this option because the baker can really be expensive, and getting a generic sheet cake from like Costco is way more cost effective.

Another option that’s similar is instead of generic sheet cake, couples opt for fancy matching cupcakes. Put on display, this option takes away the need for someone to cut the cake … and if you have been speaking with venues, you know a lot of them charge a cake cutting fee. This option saves that fee and gives a nice visual to the guests at the wedding.

Cutting the Costs

Let’s break down each type into a more affordable option. Don’t get me wrong, if you have the budget and you want a baker-tiered-ornate-cake for 500 – GO FOR IT! It’s not every day that you get married. However, if budget is on your mind, then let’s save you a little cash.

Cake Savings

A baker will charge anywhere from $500+ for a tiered cake for 100 people. Then there’s the decorating, the transport, the presentation … All of those have fees associated. Sam’s Club does tiered cakes for starting at $36.98 for 2 tiers (Feeds about 50 people relatively). They’re cute and taste good. Costco does not offer tiered cakes at all.

As for the alternatives, Costco and Sam’s Club does sheet cakes and cupcakes. They both taste great, you get your choice of flavors of cake and icing.

Decor Savings

Where a lot of people get turned off regarding cakes from a Club Store, is that the decor is not as customizable as they would like. Though you can change some things, it’s pretty much going to be just like the picture.

You can purchase cake decor online, or from Michael’s Craft Store (really anywhere) to add to your cake for decor. A lot of times too, the florist will compliment the cake for you with fresh flowers, quite frequently at little or no cost to you.

An Overlooked Option

I know when you first hear this option, you’re going to make a face. But listen with an open mind and see if the money doesn’t speak for itself.

See? There’s the face I was talking about. The average sheet cake for 100 costs about $155. These, pre-cut (no cake cutting fee), good tasting little cakes, for 100, would be $21.60. EVERYONE LIKES LITTLE DEBBIE! Add a little flower on top, strawberry, or a little piece of decor – it will be brilliant. Put on nice little plates with nice little doilies — no one will know the difference.

What Kind of Savings are We Talking About?

So, instead of $500+, you’re looking at closer to $59ish. You just saved $441 dollars.


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