Party 911 #1: Let’s Plan a Party

A big misconception regarding party planning is that it’s easy.  For some reason people think planning weddings and events are easy, too. LOL HAHAHA I needed that laugh.

Planning a party can be less stress, but it’s never easy. Let’s break it down.

What Do You Need for a Party?

It’s easy: Entertainment, food & drinks, and good people. That’s it. And that applies to every kind of party. Today, though, we are going to focus on family or kids’ parties. We will talk about Pub Crawls and Bachelor Parties down the line. 😉

Good People


THis one should be the easiest to find out of everything. You want people that are outgoing and people who are introverts. They should be fun and respectful, and they should NOT have a history of alcoholic rants or negative behavior.

Food and Drinks


It’s up to you if you want a dry party. Just keep in mind there are people who loosen up a little bit after a drink or two. And, honestly, as long as they’re responsible (or if you plan for drunks at your party), and everyone has a good time, I say keep the drinks flowing.

There is zero judgment if you want to have a sober party. My kids’ dad is a recovering alcoholic and we made all our gatherings dry and everyone had a brilliant time anyways. It’s just a bit more work to get people to socialize. When you’re trying to manage a party, having your guests socialize while you’re pulling extra food out of the freezer, really makes things easier for you.

Food is on the same level. You want food that everyone is going to enjoy. You may love the veggie burgers with cruelty-free BBQ sauce and sprouts. I will bet you $100 that not everyone is going to enjoy that. Keep in mind that little fingers are going to need a menu of their own. Kids don’t eat adult food. They just don’t. They like things they can eat with their fingers and smoosh into their little faces. So, while considering the menu, if you’re planning a kid’s party, think about foods that don’t need silverware.



This is the one that people trip up on all the time. You need to keep your guests entertained, engaged, and feeling like the center of attention. We’re talking music and games, but also goodie bags, environment and ambiance, and being showered with appreciation and customization. That goes for every party, no matter the kind. But this doesn’t have to be complicated. An iPod, a movie, goodie bags, and games can go a long way to making your guests remember your party.

Not to mention people will be asking to go to your next one.

So, those are the basics. What are the specifics?

Now, that depends on your budget.

Your budget is going to dictate if you have to work hard of if you can be more laid back about your party.

If your budget is unlimited, first let me ask: Can you adopt me? Second, there’s going to be little that you can’t just order to keep your guests moving, fed, and showered in surprises.


For the Budget-governed DIYer, your options are as vast as the budget-free person; you just have to be more creative when it comes to making it all happen. Instead of having an endless array of games, music, entertainment, and socialization, you’re going to want to limit those things to a few choices, instead of 100 choices.

And the impulse to DIY things ‘because it’s cheaper’, is not always honest. What I mean to say is, research the cost of supplies (including how many times you think it’s going to take you to get it right) versus just buying it off of Etsy.

Time for the Checklist

Here’s a great place to start for planning your party: The Check List.

I LOVE check lists, btw.

Here is a Party Checklist that is a great place to start. I found it on HEB.

Make sure to start with your budget and then decide your theme/feel. Those two things are going to guide you the rest of the way.

I’m going to put this checklist on our Resources page, in case anyone wants to use it.

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