DIY Bride #21: Stay Focused

One of the biggest issues that people have when planning a wedding is the budget. It’s a scary thing trying to balance cost vs expectations, but it can be done! Today, we are going to look at alternatives that can save you serious money, all while having the wedding of your dreams.

Where’s Your Focus?

Do you want to have a elaborate ceremony and then a subtle reception? Are you finding that you’re thinking about the kick ass party after the nuptuals? Making that decision will help guide you to where you should be spending your money. Why pay extra for ceremony details if you are really wanting to party hardy all night? Why pay more for an expensive extravegant reception when you really just want to keep things chill? There’s a lot of give and take that needs to be negotiated but you can do it. Let’s talk about it.

The Ceremony is Great, but You Want to Party

happy new year

For a couple that really wants a kick ass party, a way to refocus those funds is to limit your ceremony. Maybe just have it family. Then the bulk of your guest list can come to your reception. I have quite a few brides who go to the courthouse with just their parents and then meet their guests at the reception and really tear it up.

Another option is to have the ceremony and the reception at the same location. You cut down on the separate fees (Most venues give you a discount if you do both at the same place), you save on time and transport, and you just infused your reception with, what could be, those otherwise spent thousands of dollars. An extra grand could go a long way into that open bar you want.

You’re a Little … Different


You can’t stand to be like everyone else. You have to do things your own way. Why would you get married like everyone else then? Instead of looking at the popular (and because they’re popular, they’re expensive), look at off-the-beaten-path options for venues, vendors, and catering. Museums, libraries, civil centers, and lodges all host special events and can cost much cheaper.

One thing to consider though: When you want something unique, those things come at a cost. Favors, florists, and special catering can be more costly, causing the money you saved from finding an off-beat venue to vanish. Be wise about where to splurge and where to spend. Choose one or two main focuses for complete expression and then leave the rest to enhance them. Too much overstimulation of your guests will leave them worn out and feeling confused – that doesn’t leave a good impression when they have memories of your wedding.

Your Mom Says You Have to …

MIL Nightmare

If your parents are paying for your wedding, to hell with it. You still have a say, but really, if someone is forcing you to have a wedding that’s worth $30,000, who wouldn’t go for it?? However, if you have someone who isn’t really paying for any of the suggestions they are forcing on you, put your foot down.

There are some traditions that should be upheld, and that’s up to you and your future spouse to decide. Personally, I like keeping with tradition to a point – a subtle nod to those who came before us – but still with keeping the wedding focused on the couple.

So, What Do You HAVE to do?

Nothing. You don’t have to do a damn thing.

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