Intro to The Challenge!

As I’ve been trying to work on getting my YouTube channel up and running, I’m stuck on content. What the hell do you all want to see in a video?? Well, I thought about it. You probably want to know how it all works and how you can do it for yourselves.

Though I’m not sure watching me irritate vendors into giving me better prices, I’m sure there’s some DIY, arrangements, and situations you would like to see me work out for you, so you can learn. 🙂

Welcome to The Challenge!


I am starting a recurring (though I don’t have the frequency down just yet) segment called The Challenge. I’ll post it here and on YouTube for your enjoyment and you will learn that it really is all possible. The key to planning a wedding, planning an event, planning a party, etc, is CREATIVITY. Be creative. Be unexpected. Try something new.

Another focus that this segment is going to have is the idea of keeping the budget in mind. Martha Stewart (whose ideas I just adore) is wonderful, but not always budget friendly. Same with The Knot, Wedding Wire, and all the other wedding websites.

Let’s Add Pinterest Challenges, too


As part of The Challenge, I’m going to also be hosting Pinterest Challenges! You have all seen the Pinterest fails. I’m going to help sort through what’s worth is, what’s not, what’s doable for the newbie, and what’s just fun. <– I like fun. And glue guns.

Anyway, if you have any suggestions or things you want to see, comment below.  Or you can contact us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, and coming soon: YouTube! I put a contact form at the bottom of this article so if you do have ideas, feel free to send them to me. Once I get everything posted, I will let you know, that way we can do this together. Ciao!


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