DIY Bride #22: Wedding Insurance

Just reading the title of this post even made me have a snooze fest but the reality of planning a wedding is: Shit happens. Getting wedding insurance is an important thing to do. Let’s chat about it.

Insurance 101

Having wedding insurance is not a sign of trouble in the marriage. It’s because Murphy’s Law loves to ruin special days. You know the saying: What ever can go wrong, will go wrong. That statement isn’t more true than with weddings.

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There are two major sections when it comes to wedding insurance: Liability and Cancellation. These can be added or altered to give you the coverage that you want.

Liability Insurance

For the liability insurance, it’s basically if there’s an accident at your wedding, reception, etc, that results in damages or bodily harm. The insurance is there to pay what is needed for the damages and injury, and to protect you from a law suit.

Cancellation Insurance

Cancellation insurance is more than just if you have to cancel or reschedule your wedding. It also can cover if the venue or vendor has to cancel, if you have covered damages, or if there’s last minute issues with getting the services you paid for.

Where to Get Wedding Insurance

There’s a lot of different options that you have regarding where to secure your wedding insurance. A lot of providers of home owners insurance and automobile insurance also insure weddings. But let’s say for a moment that you don’t have insurance for anything else, where do you start?

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There’s a website that I like to look at A LOT. is an intelligent, direct website that gives you a lot of their comparison information without the cost of It’s comprehensive. It’s easy to understand. And they happen to have a ‘Best of’ list for wedding insurers. 

The Best of Wedding Insurers via

Best Overall: Markel

“Markel gave us the cheapest quotes for comprehensive liability and cancellation protection, and their online quote tool makes it easy to find the right level of coverage.”

They have policies starting at $75.

Best for Destination Weddings: Travelers

“If you’re getting married far from home, no other wedding insurance provider can compare to Travelers’ breadth of covered locations — or their 24/7 call center.”

Travelers didn’t have a posted pricing list, but they do advertise that if you bundle your policies, you can save up to 13%.

Most Customizable: WedSure

“For non-traditional wedding budgets (no bridal party, for instance), WedSure’s custom policies win out. They’re a little more expensive but let you specify exact dollar amounts for each area of coverage.”

WedSure’s policies start at $125.

Best Liability Coverage: WedSafe

“Many venues require liability coverage to protect against damages. If that’s your main concern, WedSafe’s liability policies can be purchased up until the day of your wedding. Other providers require notice of a week or two.”

Like with Travelers, WedSafe will give you up to a 15% discount if you bundle your liability and cancellation policies.

So, How Much Does it Cost?

Of course, everyone is keeping an eye on their bottom line. You’re planning a wedding: It’s all about the money! But what you shell out for the insurance depends on what you want. Do your research and find a place that is trustworthy, affordable, and of high quality. Protecting your wedding day has never been easier.

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