DIY Bride #24: The Perfect Toast

This isn’t so much for the DIY Bride as it is for the Best Man and Maid of Honor. We’re talking about The Toast. Don’t cry.

Six Steps to the Perfect Toast

toast party ball cheers
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Step 1: Introduction

This is a simple but important step. Introduce yourself. Greet the guests and the happy couple. Make sure to thank the hosts, the venue, and the caterer … And anyone else who you think should be recognized. Make it short and sweet.

Step 2: Who the Hell are You Anyway?

You’re going to want to let everyone know exactly who you are in relation to the bride or groom. “I met the bride when we were in high school. It was an instant friendship” that kind of thing. You’re going to want to put that funny story you have about the bride or groom in this part. You want your audience to laugh right about here. Remember to keep it classy. If you have to choose, pick the story about an embarrassing party you both attended instead of the night you decorated their car in dildos to kick off the bachelorette party.

Step 3: Their Past

Move onto the story about how the bride and groom met and how they grew their relationship but remember, it should be from your perspective.

Step 4: Their Present

Next comes the description of their current state, from your perspective. Make sure you express how happy you are for them and how excited they are to be married.

Step 5: Their Future

Direct this part to the couple. Explain how you know they are in for a fantastic future together and wish them well.

Step 6: Cheers!

This is a toast after all. Conclude by asking everyone to raise their glasses in honor or the happy couple. Finish with an exclamation of toasting, ie: Cheers, salud, etc.

Let’s Try it Out

With the fictitious wedding of Myself and Chris Evans, I have taken the liberty to write the Best Man’s toast for him. Let’s see the steps in action.

“Thank you everyone. Thank you Ms Kinniburgh and Ms Evans for the beautiful wedding we attended here today. This venue is beautiful, and really, what about that food? Am I right? My name is Chris Pratt. I’ve been Chris’ best friend since grade school when we used to chase the ice cream truck after school. Who knew that I would end up so much better looking than he is? We were in the yearbook club in high school together and while I was voted ‘Most Likely to Succeed’, Chris was voted ‘Most Likely to Live in Chris Pratt’s Shadow.’

We had met Laura at a function while at college. We were both trying to get her number but she fell for Chris’ sense of humor, instead of my rippling pectorals. Though it was many nights where I cried myself to sleep, the love between Chris and Laura was becoming more and more like an act of destiny.

When Chris first told me he was going to ask Laura to marry him, he said he wanted to surprise her with the proposal. I’m so glad I talked him out of hiding the ring in an exploding cake. I got to help my best friend plan the proposal to his truest love. I couldn’t have been more honored. Chris still wears the stupid smile he had on his face when she said yes.

Laura, you are an amazing person with the largest capacity for love that I’ve ever seen. Chris is so blessed to have you in his life. Together, your love, understanding, humor, and devotion to each other is going to see you through everything. I pray that I am able to have a love in my life like your love to each other. It’s rare and everlasting.

At this time, I ask you all join me. Raise your glass to honor the most perfect love that has graced the face of this planet. May your marriage be the muse for the next great love story. To Laura and Chris: Congratulations.”

Now, I’m not a writer but I’m not going to lie, that one had me laughing and crying all at once. Those are just the nicest things for Chris Pratt to say. It’s also pithy so people don’t have the chance to get bored. If you put more than 5 minutes and the idea of over-humoring it, you could bang out something even better! The sky is the limit!

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