The Unwanted Guest …

And others that you don’t want to talk about. Let’s talk about it.

Everyone wants to be fun and great at their wedding. Everything is supposed to go right. Right? Murphy’s Law says no way. What do you want to do then??

When you’re planning your wedding, you don’t take into account the people you’re exposing yourself to. I know, your best friend from high school seems cool and all but get a little booze in him, then you’re out of luck. Or the grandfather who thinks he can dictate what happens at your wedding just because he paid for the flowers. Being tactful is important. Being honest is very important. And being frank is the most important of all. Let’s see where we can go with this one.

Do you have a wedding planner?

If you do, great. This is going to cut out so much headache down the road. They’re there to get your day right. But the biggest key is open communication with your planner (or day of coordinator). You have to take a real look at your guests and think about it: Who is going to be crazy and ruin everything? Anyone who has a recent history of alcohol/ drugs/ over-stress/ divorce/ etc are more likely to cause a scene at your wedding. You want those people to be on the wedding planner’s radar. When your planner is aware of it, they can plan for it.

Okay, so No Planner?

It might seem a little self-serving but I can’t tell you how much you will really appreciate having a planner there for you. Day of planners aren’t as expensive and still do so much! Sometimes, it’s just not in the budget. Everything is stretched so thin. You’re going to have to do it yourself.

One thing that you will need, is your support crew. The wedding party is usually the ones to take over that position for you. Keep them aware of the warning signs and people that might ruin such a lovely day. You’re also going to want to communicate with your DJ or MC. Be specific. Let them know there is only specific people who are allowed to have access to the microphone and no one else.

Do the same thing with your bar staff. Let them know if there’s anyone to watch out for when it comes to the bar. They will be able to curb the drinks for the ones that might get out of line, preventing an issue all together.

People Don’t Hate You, or Your Wedding

I rarely come across of a situation where people purposefully mean to disrupt a wedding. Guests always arrive with the best intentions. But as the adage goes: Shit happens. Be prepared. Plan ahead. Understand that people are nuts sometimes.

Thank You for Stopping By!

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