Product Focus: Ribbon Roses

When it comes to visualizing your wedding, images in your mind always include flowers. Fresh flowers, faux flowers, painted flowers, broaches that look like flowers … FLOWERS! Today we’re going to focus on: Ribbon Roses.

Ribbon roses are made from, you guessed it: Ribbon. They can vary in size and color, texture and style.

A couple benefits of having ribbon roses: They’re fine if you forget to water them, you can buy them months in advance. They’re washable. And they make a lovely alternative favor for your guests.

The downside? The blooms can be more expensive than fresh flowers, the impact they make on your decor depends on how they’re used, and unlike live flowers, you can’t use them to decorate your cake.

They can be decorated with all sorts of options, things you may not be able to do if the flowers were in water, like lights or jewelry. Also, for the DIY Bride, you would be able to create your pieces well in advance, saving time when the real crunch hits.

Another benefit is that they’re easier to work with when putting them into hair-dos and boutonnieres. And then the keepsake for your bridal party is personal and unique!

What it means is that you don’t have to do anything. Think outside the box, consider the things that are important to you, and never ever settle. Stay true to what you want to achieve with your wedding, and you will never be disappointed.

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