DIY Bride #25: Wine Bottle Centerpieces

Soooooo, I love the dollar store, right? OH EM GEE do I love the dollar store. But I’m a crafter. And let me tell you what I found at the dollar store this week.

Wine Bottle Lights.

You heard me right!! Wine bottle lights. I just about shit. <– I have low standards for enjoyment when it comes to my crafting. Shoot me. I was so excited! I had looked into this previously and found wine bottle lights at Michael’s for like $6 a strand. It’s connected to a cork-looking battery pack and they hang down into the wine bottle like little fairy lights. They’re beautiful. But that was just for the lights. If you had 15 tables you wanted to decorate with these, you’re going to need about $90 and 10 of your closest, alcoholic friends to help you get the bottles you need.

At the dollar store, I found, for $3, the lights and the bottle! I thought why not?? Let’s get this and see what it’s all about.

Initial Thoughts

So, looking at the box, it looks like the lights come in three different colors: Red, Green, and Blue. It’s a thinner version of a wine bottle. It had 10 LED lights on the string and the cork/ battery thing looks to be about the same as the one from Michael’s. When I got the box home, the bottle is made out of glass but since it’s smaller than a regular wine bottle, it made be do a second look. But I was still very happy with it, considering the cost. And it was a nice, thick glass. Not like a flimsy thin glass-glass. Does that make sense?

The other thing about the bottle itself is the color. It’s not a clear bottle. It’s not that the lights are different colors, but the glass bottle is tinted either blue, green, or red. I had the red one. Not to be a but wasteful, but if this costs half of the white lights from Michael’s, I could save 50% even if I recycle the bottle it comes with. Still not hating this idea. The lights in it are white. And very delicate. They look so nice. I decided to research what people have done with these wine bottle lights to see if it’s a good idea or just a novel one.

Pinterest did not Disappoint

Using my favorite ‘Nailed It’ tool, I took to Pinterest in search of the possibilities that could happen with these wine bottle lights.

What’s the Down Side?

There’s still things to consider before jumping in the car for 800 of these bottle things. The light string that it comes with has about 10 lights on it, meaning it’s not as dense a light as some are. The ones from Michael’s had quite a few more on there than 10. They’re bright enough for tables but you would still need additional lighting. You wouldn’t be able to have them as the soul source of light.

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