What COVID-19 Means to the Engaged

It’s been 5 months now and COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc on the world. Here in the US, states that were opening back up have since back-peddled, leaving couples to get creative of how they celebrate their matrimony. Let’s talk today about some options you have.

1. Wedding Insurance

I know it feels funky to say but having wedding insurance is a very smart idea, especially during this critical time. States open and close with sometimes less than a day’s notice. You are spending a lot of money and time – having wedding insurance to protect that investment is very smart while the COVID-19 situation remains fluid.

Overall, wedding insurance isn’t that expensive. A lot of places that offer your home owners insurance, renters insurance, car insurance (etc.) also offer event or wedding insurance. It’s in the ballpark of $300.00 depending on your location and your need. There are quite a few cities that offer it directly, especially if you’re getting married in a public place like a museum, park, or historical landmark. Contact your insurance broker first, then the city that you’re going to be getting married in; compare the two (or seven quotes you get) and go with the one you are most comfortable with.

2. Consider Separating the Ceremony and the Reception

You have a specific vision of what you want your wedding day to be like, how you want it to feel, and who you want to share it with. COVID-19 comes with a ‘don’t touch me’ sticker and a t-shirt that says, “This is my personal space, spaghetti arms.” We won’t mention the ‘don’t breathe on me’ trucker hat … What can I say? COVID doesn’t have fashion sense.

However, weddings are the complete opposite with close dancing, crowded pews, laughing over buffet-style dinner, and of course, the reception line where Aunt Matilda can’t get over how grown you are now. AND to top it all off, you’re sharing your wedding with people you haven’t seen (or haven’t even met, in some cases)! Frankly, you don’t know where they’ve been!

In consideration of those factors and the 8 million more that I just don’t have the space to include here, a lot of couples are opting for a compromise. They separate the ceremony and the reception. Not everyone will want to or have the option to (some religious customs don’t allow the separation of the ceremony and reception), but there are quite a few still getting hitched. How do they do it?

There’s the all so famous and indispensable Zoom. For those of you living in a cave, Zoom.com hosts online meetings. For about $15 a month, you can have your guests at a front row seat for your ceremony via the internet. You can have your immediate family there, and then everyone else log in and share in your commitment from the safety of their own homes.

Then the reception would be scheduled at a later time to celebrate in person, once the herd immunity and the immunizations are thoroughly in place.

I’ve had a couple schedule their reception for the one-year anniversary of their wedding, adding it was most cost effective for them because they were able to secure the venue and vendors at cheaper prices right now. Then they made sure to have the venue/ vendors add in a clause about rescheduling if needed. They really got a steal and saved quite a bit of money.

3. Elope

I don’t know why, but eloping sometimes gets a bad wrap. It’s you, your SO, the officiant, and the two witnesses. That’s it. Cost effective, intimate, and you can do it just about anywhere – including your own home.

4. Wait

I know no one wants to wait once they get engaged. You want to get married and live happily ever after ASAP. Slow it down, there, grasshopper. If you have your heart set on a ceremony and reception then, damn it, that’s what you do: You wait.

Use this time to fully and thoroughly plan out your wedding from the dress to the shape of the napkin animals. The time is going to pass anyway so why not start prepping some things that will save you time in the long run? Like folding napkins and protectively storing them. Create the favors (if they’re not food-based); start your health routine earlier than last minute. Practice your special couple’s dance so that you get the Gennifer Gray jump just right from Dirty Dancing.

You have the time. Use it wisely.

Be Healthy and Be Smart

No one can wait for your wedding. Everyone loves parties and music, dancing, and friends. Social distancing has really impacted people not just because we want to do what we want but because people are social animals. We crave socialization, hand shakes, smiles, laugher, and people. Keeping people safe should be our top priority. We will have the chance to party-hardy, let’s use this time right now to do what’s right for the betterment of all.

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