Let’s Talk USA

Under normal conditions, I avoid political anything … I try to accept that there are different voices and different opinions, and I do my best to respect all the outlooks and opinions, whether they are different or the same as my own.

These last few days, I have been playing tug-o-war with myself and the consideration that my passion of wedding planning and execution are my central focus. However, after watching the Presidential debate Tuesday, and reconsidering every thing that’s happened these last 3 years, I find that I am not able to keep my mouth shut anymore. So, here it goes.

A track record for the last 3 years of nothing but lies, deceit, human suffering, and blatant manipulation of the American people, the debate was the catalyst for realizing exactly what’s at stake this election.

In my head, I hear Mac from The Newsroom shouting, “[The USA] is the only country in the world who says over and over and over that we can do better. It’s in our DNA.”

We can do better. We can be better people. We can help more people. We can do these things without sacrificing who we are. It doesn’t make us worse if we help someone to be better. And I’m not talking just throwing money at people. Kindness. Respect. Common sense. Acknowledging that people are different, from different backgrounds, and that those different experiences can help to make the USA a stronger community, country, and world example.

The state of our community right now is deteriorating. People are in the streets to stand up and say they want change, they want improvement, they want respect.

Change can be scary and unknown. However, to remain the same when there is so much systemic pain in our beloved country, that’s just flat out wrong. There has to be compromise. There has to be open and honest hard conversations. There has to be more valued than just how we can benefit whichever party.

What it all comes down to, what it ALWAYS comes down to, is open communication.

After all that said, i understand there’s going to be people who don’t agree with me. That’s fine. And what I suggest may be naive and way too vague for any real difference. That’s fine. I don’t use my blog here to try to change the country I live in — That’s what I use my vote for.

Voting is the ONE MOST IMPORTANT ACTION any American can do to bring change to our communities. If you’re not registered to vote, do that today. Right now. But don’t just stop there. RESEARCH the items and people that are up for a vote. Find out who and what you want to back and vote for them. Use your research to help educate others so they can make a good decision. Get your information from neutral and trustworthy sources. Double check the data you’re reading is accurate.

And, just because you voted one way last time doesn’t mean you have to do it again this time. Just because you’re registered to vote as an independent, doesn’t mean you have to only vote for independents. It’s a private decision. No one needs to know what or whom you voted for. You have a conscience. You know the difference between right and wrong. If you’ve done your research then you can make these decisions.

One more real quick thing: Your vote matters. Horseshit to the people who say that it doesn’t. IT DOES. Do not give up your right as an American to have your voice heard just because some idiot says that it doesn’t matter if you vote. IT MATTERS.

Like Hamilton says, “I am not throwing away my shot.”

On closing, I understand that there are people who are just going to tell me to shut my hole and get back to planning weddings. I am. But I also think it’s important to know where the vendors you hire stand on such important issues. So, here’s where I’m at:

1. Racism is wrong. Sorry, but that’s just what it is. It’s wrong.

2. Systemic issues in our local and federal government DO put people of color at a disadvantage. And those things need to be addressed asap with tough, honest, conversations and real progress.

3. There needs to be more investment into mental healthcare.

4. There is a serious housing crisis in every state in our country, and that needs to be addressed concurrently with homelessness. Those two issues are connected so they should be examined closely.

Well, those are four of my big ones. I have lots of strong opinions about a lot of different things because I really love my country. Truly and deeply. I feel so strongly because I care so freaking much. And I get that there are people who are going to tell me to go fly a kite, and that’s ok. Especially for anyone that I work with, I want you to know exactly who I am from the get go. I believe that Love is Love. I believe that people of color have been getting the short end of the stick for a LONG time now, and that we’re great enough people to change that. I believe that women are undervalued and that needs correcting.

What I believe most though, no matter where we’ve been, we always can say, “Wait. This is NOT where i want to be. This is NOT the person I want to be. This is NOT the country I want to be in.” and then make a change for the better. We have, we always have, the opportunity to be better, to do better, to make better choices. We need to take that opportunity now.

Thank you so much for your time and for listening to my heart for a few minutes.

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