The Wedding Planner Subscription

Some clients need someone to manage the day. Some clients need help from start to finish. But what about those other clients who need the help, but have to keep the budget in mind?

Swingin’ Dolly Events believes that everyone has the right to a wonderful wedding to celebrate the love of their life. The average wedding is now costing people $30,000 or more! And since not everyone has Bill Gate as their dad, we have come up with an idea to help those who need a planner but need to keep an eye on their spending too.

It’s our Wedding Planner Subscription. For half of what you would normally pay the full time planner, the Subscription sets you up on a retainer system, allowing you to utilize a professional planner whenever you need it. You decide the dates you need the planner for and start your subscription.

The subscription comes with 10 hours of consultation/ work a month to use how you choose. We can do everything from finding all your vendors, creating your Brief, locking in your venue, weeding through the endless amounts of options to get down to the nitty-gritty of what you need.

It gives you as clients more control over what you get done. Maybe you don’t know how to get started but you know once you do get started, you can plan it all from there. What if you have a specific date in mind and it’s not a year away, but 3 months? We can help there too. This option makes having a planner more attainable for those who keep their budget in mind.

Another benefit to this subscription? You work with the same planner the entire time. You’re not getting bounced around, having to talk to new people every time. You don’t have to explain 3 times what your vision is and what you need help with. This is the same person you will be using the entire planning time.

One more little perk: If you sign up with the subscription, Swingin’ Dolly will give you $150 off of the ‘day of’ planning services you need. You don’t have to try to explain all that’s been planned to a new person.

Give us a call, drop us a line, let’s work out what it is you need and we can create a subscription to fit your specific needs.

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