The Wedding Consulting Subscription

Some people don’t just need someone for one day, but someone to help them from the beginning. A full wedding planner can be expensive all at once. Who can just dish out $3,000 like that while planning a wedding?

At Swingin’ Dolly Events, we came up with a middle option. An option between having a full wedding planner and having a ‘day of’ planner. We call it, “The Wedding Consulting Subscription.” At its core, it’s a wedding consultation retainer which makes a planner available to you when you need it. It helps to deligate the tasks you need help with, so they are completed by a professional.

The Subscription entitles you to 10 hours a month to use as needed, at half the price. You need someone to find the perfect venue? You need someone to filter down all the caterer options? We do those things and much more. Do you need someone to create your Brief – the complete set of documents that dictate your entire event? Maybe you don’t know how to start planning but can get moving once someone helps you get started, guiding you along the way.

When you start your subscription, you are assigned to a planner that will work with you from start to finish. You’re not shifted from person to person. It’s the same person every time. Your planner is familiar with you, your fiance, your ideals for a dream wedding.

In addition to all that, if you have a Wedding Planner Subscription, you get an automatic $150 off of the ‘Day of’ wedding package of your choice. That would be your planner that you’ve been working with planning your wedding, there for you for your rehearsal, your ceremony, and your reception… All for a savings of up to 50%! Contact us today to get you started on your journey!

Swingin’ Dolly Events wants every happy couple to have the chance to have the wedding of their dreams. We don’t think that is a luxury; everyone should have the opportunity for the wedding that reflects their love. That’s what makes Swingin’ Dolly Events different than the rest.